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Photo of Cutwater Spirits founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney
Armed with an unwavering drive to innovate, our founder and master distiller Yuseff Cherney has grown Cutwater Spirits from a passion project into an award-winning craft spirits brand that’s pioneered the canned cocktail category.

We offer delivery of America’s Most Awarded Canned Cocktails that are ready when you are and powered by our Cutwater Signature Spirits – so you can cut out with @CutwaterSpirits and adventure with the best quality cocktails in hand.

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It’s 🍍National Pineapple Day!🍍Who’s celebrating accordingly? Something fun is headed to our R&D program… any guesses as to what it is? 🍍 🔥 

#cutwaterspirits #awardwinning #nationalpineappleday
🚨 POP QUIZ🚨 Which Marg are you grabbing to start the weekend off? Drop a 🍓 or 🍑 to cast your vote. May the best Marg win. 

#cutwaterspirits #tequilatime #popquiz
Enjoying a bar-quality canned cocktail has never been easier… It’s also never been tastier. Tag a friend whose name you see on the list and let ‘em know they deserve a Marg 👀 

#cutwaterspirits #margaritatime #happyhour #humpday
With our award-winning vodka, tequila, gin, rum, and whiskey canned cocktails, there’s something for everybody no matter what your preference is. 🙌 

#cutwaterspirits #barquality #worksmarternotharder
Our weekend summed up in one photo: 

Which of our cocktails were you sipping on? Comment below to reveal which was the fan-favorite. 🤩 
#cutwaterspirits #cannedcocktails #worksmarternotharder
Let’s go Padres! We’ll be rooting for our home team at Petco if you need us. ⚾️ 

#cutwaterspirits #paloma #vodkamule #padres
You all loved the 🍍Pineapple Marg🍍pop so much you requested it in canned cocktail form… and we listened. This all-new 10% Marg joins our cocktail lineup made with real, award-winning tequila and pineapple juice. It’s quickly becoming a fan-favorite summer staple. 

Looking for the Pineapple pops? They’re sold in our Margarita Variety Pack and available nationwide. DM your zip for help finding ‘em near you this weekend! 

#cutwaterspirits #pineapplemargarita #weekendready
Stocked up and ready to go for Cinco de Mayo 🤙 Bar-quality canned cocktails made with award-winning spirits…? We’ll cheers to that. 

#cincodemayo #cutwaterspirits #tequilatime #worksmarternotharder #fridgegoals
Our all-new Passion Fruit Guava Mojito is quickly becoming a fan favorite. Whose tried it?!

🗣DM zip to find near you

#cutwaterspirits #mojito #saturdayvibes
Choose your fighter: Tequila Season edition 💪 
#whoyougot #cutwaterspirits #tequilatime
The Coachella heat didn’t stand a chance against our Marg Pops 🔥🤩 #coachella #cutwaterspirits
Our view is looking real sunny. 😎 Here’s your friendly reminder that Earth Day is every day. Cutwater is committed to ensuring our packaging continues to be sustainable, 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. 🌎 We hope you get outside today with a canned cocktail in hand and always remember to #PackItInPackItOut.

We only get one Earth, let’s take care of it. ♻️ Recycle whenever and wherever possible, reuse your cans + spirits bottles, and spend a little more time outside to appreciate it all.

Cheers, friends. Go get some sun. ☀️
#earthday #everydayisearthday #doyourpart
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