The Making of The Still by Cutwater Spirits

By Drew CutwaterSpirits January 1, 2015

The Making of The Still by Cutwater Spirits

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It’s almost Summertime in San Diego, and for us that means it’s Padres season. Win or lose, we are all about a cold drink on a warm day watching some baseball Downtown at Petco Park. This year, we are stepping up our game with a new spot at Petco, The Still by Cutwater Spirits. Located on the Toyota Terrace. The Still is brimming with tasty cocktails and features one of the best views in the park.  But getting it built was no walk in the park, and in true baseball fashion, we had a few curveballs thrown our way in finishing it for opening day.

Curveball #1:


It was a week before Opening Day and with our partnership, we were able to rebrand the previous spot known as The Hideaway and were able to make it our own. So we shifted into high gear that weekend gutting the current location, taking down the old signage, wall wraps, table displays and more. It left us with clean canvas to bring the spirit of Cutwater into the space. At that point we had 5 days to make it ready for the first pitch. Metal workers, fabricators, wall wraps, decals, table tents – we had a lot on our plate. But we knew we had to make it happen.

Curveball #2:

Western Metal Building

If you have ever been to Petco Park, you can’t miss the beauty of the Western Metal Building. Built in 1909, the historic Western Metal Supply Company building in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter turned into a signature element of the Padres’ home park. The challenge however is that it is a historical building – which means that we can’t touch or affix anything to it.  So instead we worked with our metalworkers to create custom shelving and metal signs which are set off the wall. Not only does it pop with the brick background, but it also honors the industrial feel with the sleek Cutwater look.

Curveball #3:

The Walkthrough

Opening Day was 7 days away, but when the Mayor of San Diego comes to Petco Park, you find a way to speed things up. Two days before Opening Day the Mayor and the media did their walkthrough of the park. Being a new location, The Still was one of their first stops. The problem was, we needed every hour until the first pitch to transform the space. With the full revamp off the table, we created a temporary display and let everyone enjoy the picturesque view of the field – we couldn’t go wrong. One hour after the tour, we got right back to work to complete all the changes.

Curveball #4:

Where are the Cocktails?

Previously at Petco Park, you could find a cold brewed beverage all over the place, but finding a cocktail took a little extra legwork. This year however, 5 featured cocktails can be found throughout the park – three of which are Cutwater Cocktails. Fugu Mule, Three Sheets Punch, and an Old Grove Refresher – each of which come in custom SD mason jars. Plus, you can find our Ready to Enjoy cocktails in a can throughout the park, and as part of the in-seat menu for certain Toyota Terrace sections. Or you can find us at The Still of course, with 5 extra specialty cocktails that you can only find in our spot: The Mazatlán Mule, Garden Ricky, Mainsail Mojito, The Giant Slayer and Dark Seas.

Well Opening Day was a hit, The Padres won, and it was standing room only at The Still. Kudos to our kick ass team that made it all happen. Thanks to the hard work of our employees, vendors, and especially The Padres, we’re excited to welcome folks to our first Cutwater Spirits bar. Take a look at the photos and video for a preview. Next up…our own tasting room…more details coming soon.


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